The G2M Approach – Educating the Prospect

I very much subscribe to the excellent book by Dixon and Adamson “The Challenger Sale”. The importance of tailoring your conversation to take account of the value and drivers of the individual and the need to be able to educate the customer on something new, could not be more relevant to our business at G2M.


At G2M we work with Fintech/Regtech/Edtech/BI/ERP providers with complex software propositions.  When executing a calling campaign on behalf of a client, our mantra is that if you target the right prospect within a business and have understood the technology solution correctly – you are simply educating the prospect on the existence of a product or service which may be of help in their daily role.  In fact given the time pressure on senior executives within the Financial Services Sector as an example, time available to research new ideas and solutions is limited.  If we can introduce a solution which could make a difference to their daily role, reduce costs, reduce risk or increase automation, the prospect will see value in the conversation and in most cases thank you for it regardless of the outcome!


The call is only “cold” and without value if you haven’t done the work to match the solution with the potential buyer.  G2M cannot control the propensity to buy, the budget or the timeline but we can identify the right doors to open and will educate prospects about our clients products and services professionally and build relationships which will lead to increased pipeline and new business for our clients.