Lead Generation – Regulatory Reporting Provider in the Insurance Market

To focus on the UK insurance market to understand current Solvency II Pillar 3 reporting process and challenges, current provider and position the benefits of working with the clients’ solution.
15 day phase 1 campaign with Partner/Senior Consultant.
Very targeted approach focused upon approx. 50 UK Insurance Firms – including Life, GI, P&C, as well as Lloyds Syndicates. Accounts ranged from Tier 1, 2 and 3 to test best fit.
We followed standard G2M process for the campaign messaging, however given this is a very competitive market, we placed particular attention on the competitive positioning, allowing G2M to objection handle around prospects already having a solution in place. Finding the problem and budget owners was also key within Finance, Compliance and Regulatory Reporting.
G2M managed to identify weaknesses in one of the competitive solutions in the market and were able to secure qualified leads at 5 of these accounts, including one of the UK’s largest life and pensions providers. The team qualified out 26 firms and provided detailed insights on the reasons why including brokers who do not submit Pillar 3 returns and users of other systems (internal/external) without issues and drivers for change. A detailed report was submitted with feedback and advice for Phase 2 campaigns in 2018.
“We engaged the G2M Meeting Generation service, our experience was a positive one. Paul and his team took great care to understand our business and their efforts to enhance our sales pipeline was much valued."
Adrian Morris, Managing Director, MX Consulting
“Paul and his team at G2M provide a very friendly approachable service. It can often be difficult to furnish all the skills you need internally, G2M complement our internal resources very well on a number of Sales and Marketing activities, the collaboration is great and they work as if they were part of the same team.”
Giles Lamb, Head of Marketing, Torstone Technology
“G2M offered expert analysis of our marketing function and were able to quickly add value to existing and planned processes. G2M possess a rare combination of specific market knowledge coupled with financial systems experience that we were unable to find elsewhere. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Paul and his team”
Tom Wheatley, Director, Watson Wheatley
“G2M understand the regularly changing pressures and targets facing today’s schools. They also understand how IT can be used to support schools in meeting these pressures. We trust G2M to introduce our services and solutions to Headteachers and Business Managers in a professional and supportive way.”
Nick Langley, Managing Director, 123ICT
“G2M are a safe pair of hands. We needed a partner who had the specific education sector knowledge to be able to pick up and run a campaign with a tight deadline. We were confident that G2M would represent the USPs of our MIS support services in a compelling way. Communication between G2M and our business development team was excellent, we had full visibility of all calls made and the situation at each of the schools. Within a few days, G2M had handed over a fantastic list of qualified opportunities.”
Hilary Lloyd, Head of Sales and Marketing, ScoMIS
“G2M has proven time and again to be a trustworthy, innovative and very knowledgeable partner. The unique combination of deep understanding of the financial industry and products with the excellent sales and marketing expertise allowed G2M to help us create solutions providing great value to our customers and allowing us to compete successfully on the market”
“G2M has helped us fill the gap in our marketing department to push forward with campaigns that we wouldn’t have had the resources to carry out in-house. They are very professional and work diligently within the guidelines that we set. We are very pleased with the results as every campaign we have tasked them with they have achieved their target and have been a real asset in creating leads and driving through new sales.”
"Over the last year we have used G2M to test and prove new markets for our information management software. The beauty of G2M’s approach is that they are self-starters, getting on with it without distracting TRG from core sales activity. G2M can take credit for lighting the touch paper with a number of significant new opportunities for TRG. If your business is looking to grow, then G2M can definitely support you on this journey.”
Leigh Walters, Chief Revenue Officer, TRG